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Man, 60, accused of raping girl, 15

13 February 2019

A 60-YEAR-OLD man has been remanded in custody for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in a dark tinted taxi at a road side at Ranadi over the weekend.

Richard Tahu, who faces one count of rape, is due back in court on February 26.

The alleged victim came to Honiara for the first time in her life last month and was residing with her uncle.

Prosecution alleged last Saturday, the victim’s cousin sister told her that she would call a cab to pick them up for a ride.

They then went and waited at a shop at Bahai and after a few minutes, a dark tinted car arrived with two people – the accused and the driver.

After introducing her to Tahu, the alleged victim’s cousin told her to go into the taxi.

When the girl went inside, her cousin told her that she will not follow them but wait for them at that same spot.

As the car was heading eastward direction, Tahu, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was drinking SB beer and tried touching the girl’s chin and telling her not to be afraid.

The girl was afraid and cried along the way until the accused told the driver to stop the car at a road side at Ranadi.

There, Tahu ordered the driver to get out as he locked the door of the car and started to allegedly sexually abuse the girl before raping her.

Police say the girl could not do anything because Tahu tied her hands to the back seat of the car with a lava-lava.

Police further alleged that after raping the girl, Tahu gave her $400 which she refused but was forced to take.

Police say when Tahu was satisfied, he signalled to the driver and they went back to Bahai.

There, they picked up the victim’s cousin sister before proceeding up to Naha where the girl and her cousin dropped off.

The following day, the girl return to her uncle’s house at Bahai and informed them of what had happened to her, which led to the arrest of the accused.

Tahu is yet to have a lawyer.

Magistrate Emily Zazariko Vagibule remanded Tahu for the next 14 days.