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Businesses warned over robbery 

13 February 2019
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley.

BUSINESSES and business owners around the country were being urged to take extra precautions as robbery incidents are increasing at the moment .

Police Commissioner, Mathew Varley said people are aware that businessmen are moving around the country with bags of money and obviously that creates security.

Varley highlighted this following the recent robbery incident at Maleai village in Shortland Island in which firearms and other weapons were used.

He said most of the target groups are business people and their businesses.

“So first and foremost, we need to remember that if people are out there doing business and carrying large amount of money, they need to take some security precaution around this.

“…..particularly in terms of the knowledge of people who have money or security around that,” he said. 

Varley said it’s a big risk and that people needs to take some precautionary measures.

He added some of the recent cases under police investigation involves large amount of money.

He said apart from the one at Maleai, a similar incident also occurred last month at Ontong Java in Lord Howe islands.

Similarly, it was also another Asian who went there to buy Beche-de-mer that turned out to be the victim. A cash of around SBD$300,000 was stolen.

Varley said earlier on, police have also arrested the fourth suspect involving in a robbery at sea between Honiara and Central Island province.

The suspect is a 40 year old male, believed to be the driver of the boat where the two Asian business men were travelling in when the incident occurred.

Varley said initial report reaching the police stated the boat carrying the three was attacked by 3 other persons from another boat who were drifted and waved to them as if they need help. 

He said it was when they went over to the other boat that they were attacked and the money was taken.