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Vessel’s crew accused of theft

15 February 2019

OWNERS of Hilltop Institute in Auki, Malaita Province are calling on the Fair West Shipping Company to refund their missing items onboard MV Fair Lady last month.

The missing items which included three suitcases and a drum valued at SBD$9,000 went missing on Tuesday 31 January, during its Honiara-Auki trip.

Owners of Hilltop Training Institute told Solomon Star Auki this week that their attempts to get the Fair West Shipping Company to refund or return their missing belonging were unsuccessful to this day. 

"On Tuesday 31 January 2019 at 4:30 pm, we handed three suitcases and a drum of paint to the clerks department of MV Fair Lady, to be transported to Auki from Honiara.

"They assured us that they will keep them safe on board and deliver them upon arrival,” it was stated.

Unfortunately, several items were stolen from the three suitcases while on board, the Institute’s owners told the Solomon Star.

"The stolen items are; welding machine, Boss weld inverter DC Arc welder which valued at $4,200, Makita belt sanding machine valued at $3,800, and ladies clothing and shoes valued at $1,000.

"Therefore, we hereby hold the Fair West Shipping Company responsible for the theft of these items as they were handed to their dishonest crew members,” they added.

The Hilltop Training Institute for that matter demanded the following actions from the Fair West Shipping Company; either to reimburse Hilltop Training Institute immediately to the value of the stolen goods at $9,000, or goods to be returned immediately as they were believed to be stolen by crew members from the suitcases, and Sack the dishonest crew members immediately.

According to the owners of the Institute, they contacted the Management of the Shipping Company but they said they will not be held responsible for the missing items.

Attempts to contact the Fair West Shipping Company Management for comments yesterday were not successful.

However, comments are being sought from them.

In Auki