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Alleged armed, masked robbers wore police uniform

15 February 2019

POLICE uniforms were worn by some of the armed and masked men who allegedly robbed a company at Ranadi, East Honiara last Friday.

Supervising Police Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi revealed this at the Police Commissioner’s weekly conference at the Rove Police headquarters.

“Some of them wore police uniform and were masked when they committed the robbery,” Mr Manelusi said.

When asked if they have received reports from any officer about missing uniforms, Mr Manelusi said they have referred the matter to the Professional Standards and Internal Investigation (PSII).

“The matter is referred to the Professional Standards for full investigation,” he said.

He said they are taking this issue very seriously as to how the police uniforms were released.

“That is part of the whole investigation police conducted.”

Mr Manelusi told reporters that about 15 to 20 armed and masked men entered Elite Enterprise Limited compound on the early hours of February 8.

It was alleged that they ransacked its head office including the residents, which were housed in the same building.

He said the alleged robbers stole valuable items estimated worth at $100,000 and took off with a company vehicle.

 “They were believed to be armed with bush knives and piece of iron and also wore baseball caps.

“It is further alleged that during the incident, the victims were ordered to stay together in a living room and were watched by some of the armed men while their home and office were looted,” Mr Manelusi further added.

Mr Manelusi said investigators are working hard to unveil their identity but it is only possible with support from the public.

“We are calling on members of public who may have information about the incident to call the police.

“The call is made to communities close to where the incident happens, especially at Betikama area where the suspects left the company vehicle.

“I strongly appeal to public to continue support police with information that can lead to the whole investigation.

“Police at Naha can be contacted on 39608 or Naha CID on 22200.

“You can also contact the National Police Communication Centre on 23666 or toll free 999.

Mr Manelusi also advised business houses or investors to provide a reliable security company to look after their office.

He reminded members of the public to make sure their houses and properties were locked and that there are enough security lights.

He said it is also important to inform your neighbours to watch your house when you are away.

“People in each area can take care of each other by doing this.

“Make sure someone is in the house; do not leave your house unattended.”

Investigation is continuing.