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Kwaso brewer jailed

15 February 2019
Confiscated bottles of home brew (kwaso) during a police raid.

A MAN who confesses to brewing Kwaso at Aekafo, Vara Creek area in Honiara last year has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment on Thursday.

Timothy Dau was sentenced after pleading guilty to two counts of restriction on making liquor which carries a maximum penalty of a fine of 30,000 units, which equivalent to $30,000.00 or three years imprisonment or both.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika told Dau that this deterrence sentence is a strong message to the public.

“This is a strong message especially for those who involved on such unlawful activities (brewing kwaso) that this court will give a tough measures against people who found guilty under section 50 of the Liquor Act,” Mr Seuika said.

He said Dau is a grown adult person in his community and that he has no doubt Dau has been aware of the consequences of such unlawful brewing of kwaso.

“You did not make any attempt to refrain from such unlawful activities and it is clear at the outset, you have been on such activities for some years.

“I also believe that your involvement on such unlawful activities put fears to the community yet you did not take time to reconsider restraining from it.

Mr Seuika said he believes 8 month imprisonment is appropriate for Dau and after serving this term Dau will refrain from such unlawful activities once and for all.

He also added that this sentence will sound a message the public especially to communities that lived on such unlawful means.

“The courts will not tolerate such activities as we need to build our nation free from unlawful brewing of Kwaso.”

Mr Seuika adds, “It is sad to see young adults with married status doing such unlawful activities to earn their living.

“This kind of activities has encouraged the young generation to follow their bad reputations,” Mr Seuika said.

He said the adults have shown a bad example and it is a very shameful situation.

“In our good communities in Solomon Islands, people are expecting good leaders from our grown adult people.

“It is expected from them to protect the environment of the community for future of their children and generation ahead.

“I failed to imagine if the future generation of Aekafo community follows the bad legacy of grown adults, Aekafo settlement or community will not be a safe place to live.

“Our communities are called to protect each other from engaging on such unlawful businesses or activities.

“If we fail to protect our community, it will be an idle to be an evil community,” Mr Seuika further added.

He said this is a message to all communities within the Honiara City boundaries.

“.....that no one lives in our society at their own choice ignoring their established responsibilities which were imposed on them by our national laws.

“The objective of the Liquor Act is to repeal and to make provision for brewing and control of the sale, supply and consumption of liquor.

“A happy society comes from a better protection of society,” he said.

Mr Seuika said it applies to our local communities in Honiara city.

He also said that from those reasons, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force are tirelessly put efforts to combat unlawful brewing and consumption of what is known as kwaso.

“It is apparent that your premises are being used as one of the hot spot venues of brewing kwaso which is against our laws,” Mr Seuika told the accused.

Dau was arrested and charged after police went to Aekafo on 31 November 2018 following information that people were distilling kwaso there.

The accused already escaped when police arrived at Aekafo but he was later arrested.

Mr Seuika imposed eight months imprisonment for both counts and ordered that they run concurrently.

This means that Dau will only serve eight months in jail.

The utensils used for the brewing of the kwaso including the kwaso confiscated were also ordered by Mr Seuika yesterday to be forfeited to the Crown for disposal.

Dau represented himself in court while representing the State is Police Prosecutor Henry Oneone.