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PM meets postal union Director General

19 February 2019
Director General of Universal Postal Union presents a gift to the Prime Minister this morning during his courtesy call to the PM.

CARETAKER Prime Minister Rick Hou has met with the Director General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Bishar Abdirahman Hussein at the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC), Monday.

Mr Abdirahman has paid a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister purposely to brief him on the current initiatives UPU is undertaking around the region including Solomon Islands to improve postal services in the country.

He said since elected Director General of the UPU International Bureau on 10 October 2012, one of his main initiatives was to work with respective Governments to improve postal services in small island countries.

“We would like to work with the Government to improve and enhance postal services to the people in this country,” Mr Abdirahman said.

He said postal services is an important amenity to the rural people.

Prime Minister Hou in response has thanked the Director General for choosing to visit Solomon Islands.

The Prime Minister agrees with sentiments shared by the Director General that postal services is a crucial amenity in the country.

However, he expressed that the evolution of technology remains a challenge for small island countries.

“Postal services is important for us especially when our country is made up of scattered islands,” he said.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the Director General for taking upon himself the initiative to improve and enhance postal services in the region as well as for other small island countries.