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Qaro: Vote wisely to revive economy

22 February 2019
Chief Benard Qaro of North West Guadalcanal.

CONSTITUENTS of North West Guadalcanal are being urged to vote wisely in the upcoming National General Election by choosing somebody who will revive the economy of Solomon Islands.

Speaking to the Visale-based Solomon Star Stringer Chief Benard Qaro said constituents must vote wisely for a candidate that will revive the economy of Solomon Islands back to where it was before when USD$1.00 equals to SBD$1.00.

Stating that since Solomon Isalnds secede from Great Britain in 1978 the economy of the country has been climbing, which reflect in the strength of the currency before the 1990s that USD$1.00 equals to SBD$1.00.

“And AUD$2.00 equals to SBD$1.00,” he recalled.

“But today AUD$1.00 equals SBD$7.00, which is a big drop in the economy compared to the years before the nineties.”

Qaro said people of North West Guadalcanal and the entire country must vote a person who will bring hope for this nation.

“A candidate that will motivate the people to have a sense of hope by reviving the economy of the country that has gone from bad to worse,” he stated.

The former public servant says someone who has quality leadership and will articulate on revitalising the economy of the country to re-strengthen the value of our currency like in the past.

He stressed that decline in the economy of Solomon Islands is like falling into a bottomless pit.

Thus, he urged constituents to vote wisely because their choice is what they will reap in the next four years.

 “Vote leaders who will put in place the right policies to revive the economy,” said Mr Qaro during the interview.

He said some leaders had already started the work to encourage and promote export of local products.

“Thus, we have to pursue from where we left to continue on with the activities that will boost the economy of the country,” he said.