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‘Wisdom is key to leadership’

22 February 2019
Candidate for Temotu Pele, Mr. William Tolei.

INTENDING candidate for Temotu Pele William Tolei says he will bring about the much needed changes into his constituency by utilizing the wealth of wisdom he had.

He said once elected this year he will set a history that people will always refer to him as an example of a good leader who put people’s priorities in heart.

Mr. Tolei said he might not have the qualification from the universities and colleges as some candidates got but he has the wealth of wisdom God gave him to lead his people.

Tolei said he had the vision to lead his people if given a chance that constituents will not regret voting him into power.

He added that candidates that insist to go into power with a lot of promises does not reflect a good leader who will put his constituents a priority in heart.

Tolei is the nephew of former MP for Temotu Pele late Martin Maga.

He had work as a mechanic and a private business man exporting wildlife overseas.

The Tuwo native of the Reef Islands says he is not interested in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which many candidates crave after as the only source of money they access as MPs.

Referring to the story of Joseph in the Bible as a leader chosen by God among his many brothers to lead the family and the children of Israel not because of degrees achieved from the university but the wisdom Joseph has.

In this case, he is a chosen one to lead Temotu Pele in the next four year term in Parliament, based on his wealth of wisdom, generosity and love for his people.