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Work on new SOE complex progressing

22 February 2019
SINU, Panatina Campus new complex.

WORK on the new Faculty of School of Education (SOE) complex at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Panatina campus is making progress and nearing its completion.

The new complex will house the administration office for the school once completed.

The construction started off a few years ago and is now almost completed, Dean of the School of Education Noalah Pitia told the Solomon Star this week.

“Its quite exciting to see such development. A University like this really needs to have these kinds of buildings in order to accommodate the huge number of students,” Ms Pitia explained.

“The building itself is totally different from other buildings here at the university. It’s like an icon building and I believe it will attract a lot of students to do their studies here,” she said.

She added this new complex is putting a facelift to the campus and it slowly showcases a picture that this is a university.

A Bachelor of Education student Jabesh Wanefalea said because SINU is the only university in the country the Government should continue to support its development.

“The government should prioritise developing our national university so that in the near future it will introduce new courses which will stop the government from sending students abroad,” Wanefalea expressed.

“I believe this will attract many students to apply for a place at the university,” he said.

He added the university needs to work together with the national government and the aid donors to develop the university.

It's understood a number of donors have been supporting the University in its expansion.

Korea supported the construction of the new Marine and Fisheries Institute at the Ranadi campus.