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Bintan: Salvage work underway in Rennell

05 March 2019

THE operation to salvage the grounded MV Solomon Trader to safety is being boosted with the arrival of three more international specialists from the United Kingdom and United States over the weekend.

That’s according to bauxite miners Bintan Mining.

The company said the specialists were immediately flown over to Rennell Island to join other salvage specialists who were already making plans and preparations for the full scale salvage operation

“Our foreign salvage machineries and equipment have arrived and we hope to have the vessel and its oil spillage under control,” Bintan said in a statement.

One of the salvage specialists, Andy Rowe of Great Britain, said:

“Our immediate plan is to contain the oil spillage by pumping and trapping the oil with specially made oil proof containers and floated waterproof equipment.”

Bintan said they are currently working on possible options of transferring all that is in the boat to another vessel to lessen the weight.

The bauxite miners appealed for calm amongst the people of Rennell.

“This is a normal salvage operation and local people should not be panicking as we are doing all the necessary procedures to curtail the oil spillage and eventual bring to safety the vessel Solomon Trader from the reef,” the company said.

Up to 80 tonnes of fuel have reported spilled out from the vessel since it ran aground on February 5.