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Corruption, poverty in constituency must end

10 March 2019
Fr. Davidson Ngwaeramo delivering his speech. [Photo: Solomon Lofana, Auki]

Corruption begins with wrong influence anda twist of mind towards one selfthat has contributed as factor to poverty in the community.

West Kwara’ae candidate for the 2019 General elections, Fr. Davidson Ngwaeramo stated this in front of thousand of people who attended the launching of his campaign trail last Friday, in Aiabu village.

“To prove that, I stand firmly against corruption.

“I do not entertain ‘main man system’ in any political campaign because this is where problems occur."

Mr Ngwaeramo said that if he has the opportunity to serve and lead West Kwara'ae Constituency, he will close the office in Honiara and set up an office in the constituency.

"It is always a sad situation to see voters queuing up at the office to make follow up on projects, and school fees.

“Some have spent days,weeks and even month in Honiara,” Fr. Ngwaeramo said.

He added that such system needs to be changed.

The former Church servant said that spending a lot of time in Honiara, doing nothing is the last thing that UP will not entertain or tolerate, when if it forms the new government,” Mr Ngwaeramo said.

In Auki