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Fire arm owner told to surrender weapon

10 March 2019
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley. [File Photo]

POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley calls on the owner of the fire arm discharged during the arson incident at Kukwisi village, West Kwara’ae in Malaita on 23 February, to surrender it to police.

 “I understand a reconciliation ceremony between both parties involved in the arson incident happened in Thursday,” Varley said.

“The police welcome this initiative by leaders of the two groups to ensure there is peace in the community but this will not hinder the police investigating the incident,” he added.

 “Police will try its best to find the firearms which are believed to be still in the communities but it needs the assistance of members of the community.

“You know anyone in your village that may be holding onto a firearm, report them to the nearest police station.”

Commissioner Varley added:

“I am calling on all community leaders, including chiefs, youth, women and church leaders to work closely with the police to minimize any escalation in the situation between the two groups of people.

“There are ways to solve such problems rather than resorting to violence which only makes the situation worse.

“Working together between community leaders and our people is more important at this time as the period of political campaign by the candidates who have been confirmed to contest in the National General Election on 3 April 2019 is underway.”

- Source: Police Media