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World-Fish advocates for local women

10 March 2019
Participants of the forum. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

World-Fish Solomon Islands has hosted a forum as part of their International Women’s Days celebration at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), School of Technology and Maritime Studies in Honiara last Friday.

The forumwas led by the panellists’ presentations where it then clarified the importance of women’s role in the society.

Panel objectives are as follows;

·       Showcase the voice and status of Solomon Islands women as leaders, drivers and international exemplars of sustainable development.

·       Increase public awareness and discussion of the key issues and solutions for women’s environment and well-being in rural areas.

·       Increase dialogue and improve connections across different sectors of government and civil society to improve the well-being of women in rural areas, improve women’s ability to drive sustainable development.

Speaking at the occasion,conservation Officer of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology,Agnetha Vave Karamui said they organized the forum because every women’s day they never participated in any of the key activities that have been organized.

“We feel that this international women’s day we want to celebrate and discussing women’s issues,” Agnetha expressed.

She added the ministry is working in partnership with World-Fish to advocate for women’s recognitions in every levels of life.

Mr Jim Hyacinth Damusaru who was a lecturer at SINU-Department of Fisheries expressed that it’s very important to recognize the role of women in rural areas.

“Fisheriesis one of the key elements that is believed to be our survival, especially in fishing.

“The only thing the responsible authorities need to do is to provide opportunity for our women in the rural areas,” he said.

Delvene Boso said she was very happy indeed to be part of the program.

“The forum is mainly based on the theme, Innovate for change; our fisheries future,” she added.

Delvene expressed they commemorated their special day by discussing some of the women’s issues in rural settings, regarding fisheries.

The panelists’ presentations are mainly focusing on their own experiences in the rural setting.