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Murray to be sentenced March 29

20 March 2019

THE former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), Henry Murray will be sentenced on March 29.

This followed the sentencing submissions and mitigation made on his case on Monday in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

Murray was convicted last year of defrauding the government of more than 700, 000.

He was found guilty after a trial for 11 counts of official corruption.

Following his conviction, his lawyer Lazarus Kwaiga of L & L Lawyers, lodged an application to stay the proceedings against Murray.

This was to wait for the outcome of the appeal against his conviction that was filed to the High Court.

Another application his lawyer also lodged was for Murray to be given bail or that sentencing can be suspended pending the determination of the appeal against conviction by the High Court.

Garo heard the application for stay of sentencing but before handing her ruling, she was served with a copy of the order from the High Court.

The order was that the sentencing of Murray is suspended or stayed pending the determination of his appeal to the High Court.

Deputy Chief Justice Francis Mwanesalua also ordered Murray to be released on bail pending the determination of his appeal.

Justice Leonard Maina before hearing the appeal in the High Court raised questions of whether the appeal could be heard given that Murray was not sentenced after his conviction.

After submissions were made on this issue, Justice Maina in his ruling ordered that this matter be remitted back to the Magistrates’ Court for sentence.

When the matter came before the Magistrates’ Court, the defence said they have filed a notice of appeal against Justice Maina’s ruling.

Kwaiga then asked to have the matter temporarily stayed to await the determination of the appeal in the High Court.

 But Garo however, viewed this second application of stay of proceedings as an abuse of process.

Having dismissed the application of stay of proceedings, she adjourned the matter for the sentencing submissions.

Public Prosecutor Sirepu Ramosaea is appearing for the Crown.