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Kenilorea: 2019 Elections a crucial one

20 March 2019
Peter Kenilorea Junior.

LEADER of United Party (UP) Peter Kenilorea Junior says the 2019 National General Election is a crucial one for Solomon Islands given the first election to be held after RAMSI’s departure.

Kenilorea highlighted this during the launching of his counterpart Party candidate for West Honiara John Kwaita on Sunday.

“Every elections is important but the 2019 election is particularly more important because it will be the first election to be held after RAMSI leaves,” he said.

He said the United Nation’s statistic is not friendly with countries that leaves conflicts where 60% of those countries usually backslides to some forms of conflicts.

“But we don’t want Solomon Islands to be one of those countries under the 60%. We have learnt a lesson and we want to move forward with confidence,” he said.

He said the 2019 election is so important and United Party sees Solomon Islands is at a crossroad.

“There’s up, down, right and left and where do we go and United Party believe if we continue to follow the road, it is a spiral down road,” he said.

Kenilorea said 40 years after independence, Solomon Islands still experience shortage of medicines in hospitals.

“Mining companies come in and paid not a single cents of tax, leaders going into parliament and giving themselves tax free and this simply means we are off track.

“That is why United Party wants to come in because we feel we are so much better than we are and our potential is massive,” he added.

He said Solomon Islands has a lot of resources with more people who are willing to work but it lacks opportunities.

“Solomon Islands is not a poor country because we have our resources on land and sea, our culture continues to enrich us and allow us to navigate life with each other.

“We are really blessed by our Almighty but the only thing we are poor off is the opportunity where United Party really wants to create more opportunities for our people so you yourself can find your own dreams and hope,” he added.

He then challenges not only West Honiara but the rest of the 50 constituency to vote for the 30 United Party Candidates who are contesting the April 3 election.

Kenilorea said the 30 candidates represents the highest any political party has for this elections and would easily win the government as it only requires 26 to form the government.

Meanwhile, the country only has 13 more days before the National General Election to be held.