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Kwaita vows to address land issues in W/Honiara

20 March 2019
Contesting candidate for West Honiara Constituency John Kwaita.

CONTESTING candidate for West Honiara Constituency John Kwaita says one of the two main focus he has for West Honiara is to address the land issues in West Honiara.

Kwaita said currently West Honiara faces more challenges in terms of land compared to other two constituencies with probably the most populated.

“We have Kakabona and Town ground as our western and eastern blockages, the sea shore and the private land properties up at Titinge are also our blockage for southern and northern sides.

“With that we have no other places where we can go despite our uncontrolled population continue to increase,” he added.

Kwaita said but people will continue to enter West Honiara from other islands in search for job opportunities and good life for their families.

He said over the 20 years until today, people have illegally settled and continue to enter places that are already registered under someone’s title.

“With the high population, West Honiara has the more valleys named such as Banana valley, Wind valley, Independence valley, Rock valley, Stream valley and other valleys,” he said.

Kwaita said one of his priority is to deal with land issues because that is what most west Honiara people have problem with.

“I would like to ensure those people who lived illegally to be legalised so they can live freely and have security.

“Most of our fathers and mothers are currently worried as to when they will be chased out from their illegal settlements,” he added.

Kwaita said it’s really a hard thing to do but unite together, nothing is impossible about that.

“With my 20 years of experience working with properties and land issues, I think it is fine to lead the way to sort this land issues for our people,” he said.

He said accruing other lands outside west Honiara is also another option given that the land in West Honiara is already filled.

“We need to deal with those land issues because Honiara is squashed now,” he said.