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Kenilorea Jnr: Our leaders failed us

21 March 2019

Solomon Islands United Party President Peter Kenilorea Junior says their Party believes that the current leaders are failing the people of Solomon Islands.

Kenilorea Junior said this failure also applies to Malaita leaders who also failed the people of Malaita.

He said this failure is evident in the way that development is very slow in the province.

"Our Malaita leaders fail us and this country is suffering from leadership deficiency syndrome.

"The title of leadership is merely used as a title.

"Leaders with no vision, leaders with no action, there is no leadership to speak off.

"Many of our leaders are simply enriching themselves, they always looking for their cut in the deals, when there is any talk of development they will try their best to see what benefits they can get for themselves,” he said.

He said these kinds of poor leadership should not be allowed a chance to lead this country in the future.

Kenilorea Jnr said United Party is all about servant-hood leadership because while others are here to play politics; United Party is here to serve the people.

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