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Pre-polling held successfully

22 March 2019
Police officer, Superintendant Mary Wale casts her vote.

A FIRST ever pre-polling was successfully carried out on Thursday in Honiara and throughout all provincial capitals.

Election Manager for Honiara Jude Devesi told this paper, Thursday that the pre-polling was good except few issues encountered that he will have to take it up to the electoral boss.

“All is good except for a few issues related to some officers whose names did not appear on the lists and that they are unlikely to cast their votes,” he said.

He said those officers have been going round all day yesterday searching for their names but could not find them.

“So we have been informed by the Electoral bosses to have their names written down so that an investigation can be done to find out why their names were not included,” he said.

He said in Honiara, the pre-polling occurred in Rove, Central and Kukum police stations and it only involves Electoral Officials and Police Officers who will be engaged in the election next month.

He added those officers have to apply before they are included in the pre-polling lists.

Meanwhile, a good number of officers who have turned up have not seen their names and are denied to cast their votes.

The Electoral Office has been planning and preparing to roll out the first pre-poll voting ahead of the National General Election 2019.

It is stated in the Electoral Act 2018 Section 94 that an elector is eligible to vote in pre-poll voting if the elector is an electoral official who will be engaged in the conduct of the election on polling day, or a police officer who will be engaged in the conduct of the election on polling day or belongs to a class of electors prescribed by regulation to be so eligible.

SIEO has decided to roll out the first ever pre-poll voting under the Electoral Act 2018, commencing with Electoral Officials and Police officers. 


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