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Malaita plans 1 week liquor ban

28 March 2019
Caretaker Malaita premier Joe Heroau.

MALAITA intends to impose a liquor ban three days before polling day and four days after.

Acting premier Joe Heroau mentioned this during discussions on the issue, Wednesday.

The nation goes to the polls on April 3, which has been declared a public holiday.

The ban, Heroau said, may start on April 1 and continue till April 8.

Malaita police say they will take tougher action against anyone who violates the liquor ban.

“Police will deal sternly with anyone who takes alcohol, kwaso or any illegal substance during the period,” Auki police said.

It’s expect all liquor outlets in the province will be informed of the ban this week.

Clerk to the Malaita Provincial government Mathew Maefai strongly supported the ban.

He said that all liquor shops in Auki should close until 8th April.

Maefai explained this will keep people away from getting drunk and causing nuisances.

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