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New election apps released

30 March 2019
SIEC CEO Mose Saitala.

THE Solomon Islands Electoral Office has introduced two new apps called the interactive mobile phone SMS text platform, and a webpage called ‘Polling Station Locator’ to ensure voters know where to go to cast their ballots next Wednesday.

Chief Electoral Officer CEO Mose Saitala said:

“These additional election services from SIEC launched today will make a big leap in strengthening the participation of voters in election throughout the country.

“This is the first time we have made use of technology for voters to readily access their voters’ registration details, therefore enabling them to fully participate in election.

“Both apps have been developed so a voter can check his/her polling station and voter ID number.”

Saitala the information provided from these apps to voters from now until polling day are crucial to the participation of voters in election.

“The information will essentially direct the voter where to go to cast his/her vote and toremind him/her again ofhis/her voter ID number which is the most important information required of a voter to produce at polling stations in order to vote,” he said.

For the SMS text platform, a voter (whose name, for example, is Philemon Whelan) should use this app as follow:

i)      Text your message to 288

ii)    Your text message should be like this [Philemon,Whelan,25031998]

iii)  (The text message must contain your first name coma your surname coma and your date of birth denoted as ddmmyear)

After texting that message in (ii) above, you will receive a reply informing you of your polling station, constituency and your voter ID number.

The second app called ‘Polling Station Locator’ is effectively a webpage,

Below are the simple steps to follow in order to find your polling station on the application tool.

1. Click

2. Click on polling station locator

3. Fill in first and last name – click find polling station

4. It should show your polling station. In case multiple persons exist with the same name, the voter will be asked to also choose his constituency.

Saitala said they hope with such tools, people can easily find their polling stations rather than travelling distances to access such information.

“We kindly ask people with mobile phones and online users to help relatives who do not have a mobile phone and/or could not access internet butneed help in finding their polling stations.

“It is also important to note that the new SIEC polling station locator application tool will also be used to post latest election results.”

Results of the 2014 NGE are already available on the site,

– SIEC media