KEMAKEZA HITS BACK - Solomon Star News


01 April 2019

Says decision politically motivated


FORMER Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngella Constituency claims his disqualification from contesting the Savo/Russell seat in Wednesday’s National General Election (NGE) was politically motivated.

Electoral Commission has disqualified Mr Mark Kemakeza saying he falsely nominating himself as a member of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP)

But Mr. Kemakeza while not disputing his disqualification believes three things has affected his disqualification.

He said the first impression is it was politically motivated because of his elder brother is contesting against one senior candidate of SIDP.

He claimed during the process of his registration with SIDP there was an understanding between him and a senior candidate of SIDP.

Kemakeza said from that understanding he then informed the party Wing Leader Matthew Wale of his interest to register under the Party on 18th February.

He said after registering under the Party he confirmed his registration to Mr. Wale on 23rd February through a text message and assumed that everything was okay.

He added, the second impression is the electoral commission office should have accessed his case from the period he committed and should gave him the opportunity to present his case and explained any matters raised to the members of the commission.

The third impression he said was the commission should consider the cost he spent at the same time should investigate the informal and formal report received from the Party before making a balance of decision between the executive committee of the Party and himself.

Mr. Kemakeza said he was only informed by the Electoral Commission that they are discussing his case on 23rd March, the same date he was supposed to launch his campaign.

“When the issue came about I actually did not officially launch my political campaign and so I don’t use any of the party platform,” he said.

He said prior to the decision the Election Manager Fred Bosoboe called him to change his symbol.

“I respond and tell him that my arrangement with Returning Officer was that if anything goes wrong I will use Frigate or Daola,” he explained.

The former MP said his case should have been thoroughly checked especially the executive arm of the Party and Wing leader and the Political Party Integrity commission and especially the Electoral Commission office to inform him.

“It is more than one month and they should have contacted me within the period, as they have ample time to do that,” he said.

He went on to explain that because of the circumstances that this case has brought about he did not disputes his disqualification but he will seek legal clarification on it.

“I already approach my lawyer to see if this case have some valid point or in the process that the system was disturbed so that a legal clarification could be sorted as an independent body,” he said.

Meanwhile, he advised his supporters to remain calm and allow due process to proceed including the legal action.