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‘Stop spreading the rumours’

01 April 2019

Candidates for this year’s National General Election and their supporters are asked to refrain from spreading rumours, gossips and false claims when campaigning.

Speaking at his weekly conference, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said spreading rumours and false claims can incite people to get upset and carry out violence and retaliation.

“We want to make sure candidates encouraged their supporters to behave responsibly,” Mr Varley said.

“I also need to re-emphasis the point that candidates and their supporters need to be very mindful of the messages that they are using when they campaign.”

Mr Varley added that some of the examples that they have seen already are rumours, gossips, false claims and accusations being circulated around communities.

“That incites anxiety amongst people and again those sorts of false claims and false rumours can be very dangerous.”

He further added that these can incite crowds to gather or people to get upset and carry out violence and retaliation.

“Again, our message, we want to see a clean and safe and fair and free campaign.

“Throughout the campaign period, we will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to any threats of violence or intimidation against people in relation to polling day.

He said police will be dealing with anyone who may want to cause problems at polling booths, put up road blocks or obstructing voters from being able to attend voter polling booth.

“.....that process and conduct is illegal under a number of laws it can be dealt with police.

“And we are certainly monitoring that situation and will be doing our very best to make sure that does not occur,” Mr Varley said.