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Munda police turn down requests for float parade

03 April 2019

MUNDA police in Western Province turned down applications from candidates requesting to stage float parades in the township on Monday.

Campaign teams from some of the seven candidates contesting the West New Georgia constituency applied to wind up their campaigns with float parades.

But their requests were turned down on the basis that staging float parades may spark disharmony between supporters of the different candidates.

“The police decision not to accept our application was disappointing, to say the least,” a spokesman for one of the campaign teams, said.

“The police may have their reasons not to allow the floats but they should realise that throughout the campaign period, supporters across the constituency have demonstrated uttermost respect to each other,” he added.

“Police should analyse the situation thoroughly before making their decision.

“We have been preparing for this final campaign activity, but were disappointed when our request was turned down.

“In fact, float parades before polling day have been the norm in previous elections.

“Some people may see this as waste of time and money but for supporters, a campaign float is a last show of strength to your supporters, a last shining light of confidence and hope.

“Just as we find connection in our sports teams when they win and drive through town waving with smiles, we too must keep that connection with our supporters, for they too have a stake in voting for our future.”

No reports of campaign floats were reported in Gizo as well during the past weeks.

In Honiara since Sunday, a number of candidates staged massive float parades throughout the city before the campaign blackout came into force midnight Monday.

The nation goes to the polls today.