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Counting starts this morning

04 April 2019
A presiding officer assists an elderly voter Artemas Maeta cast his ballot in West Constituency on Wednesday. [Photo: Carlos Aruafu]



COUNTING will begin this morning after election authorities declared yesterday’s polls peaceful and calm.

Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala told reporters last night according to information gathered from their officers throughout the country, the election went without disturbances.

“This election is probably the most peaceful one ever in Solomon Islands,” Saitala said.

“It opened and closed in time,” he added.

 “Even in remote constituencies in Temotu, Malaita Outer Islands, Makira, and Guadalcanal, the election was peaceful throughout the day.”

It’s believed up to 90 per cent of registered voters turned out to cast their votes yesterday.

Saitala thanked Australia and New Zealand, the police and voters for the successful polls.

He said the successful election could be an indication Solomon Islands is on its way to full recovery.

Meanwhile, ballot boxes from nearby constituencies have been collected and taken to the counting centres by helicopters.

Ballot boxes from remote constituencies will be collected this morning.

Saitala said counting in nearby constituencies will start this morning, while remote provinces will start later in the day after their ballot boxes are brought to the counting centres.

Counting will be carried out only during the day.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley also said last night that the elections went peacefully well.

Police dispatched more than 1,700 officers across the country to provide security during the polls.

International and local observers spoken to yesterday on the field agreed they have not seen or witness any disruptions to the elections.