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SI at risk of tsunami 

09 April 2019
Oliver Weng (left) and Director of Meteorology Mr. David Hiba (Centre) with the Taiwanese researchers.

SOLOMON Islands is at a high risk of facing tsunami because more than 200 kilometers of its subduction zone is found underwater, says a Taiwanese researcher Chin Shang Ku.

Speaking to the media recently Mr Chin said there is a huge subduction zone found in Solomon Islands that runs more than 200 km to almost 300 km.

He explained this subduction zone is the plate tectonics that can triggers tsunami and is found in the Western province.

He said a huge area in the Western Province is at risk to this subduction zone that runs through their islands and to the south of the country.

He also said that this subduction zone is also found in Temotu Province, but they (Taiwanese team of researchers) yet to conduct studies in the eastern part of Solomon Islands.

Mr. Chin is among the team of researchers sent by the Taiwanese government to help out in the work to install early warning systems that can provide necessary information to the people before a natural hazard like earthquake or tsunami strikes.

“The assistance provided by Taiwanese expert in the area of research and help to equip the country with necessary facilities to monitor natural hazards has been continue for 10 years now,” said Mr. Chin.

He said they are based in Gizo to carry out their work and research.