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Police calm tense situation

11 April 2019

POLICE say they managed to contain a possible tension between two rival parties after the death of a male person at Sulufou Island in North East Malaita in an election related incident on Monday 8 April 2019.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Simpson Pogeava who is currently Commander of the National General Election Police Operation Centre (POC) said RSIPF officers are on the ground conducting investigation into the death incident. 

The dead body has been transported to Honiara by the relatives and a post mortem was conducted at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara yesterday afternoon.

AC Pogeava said the relatives of the deceased have accepted the cause of death as drowning but a death inquiry file has been opened for further inquiries into the cause of the death. 

“The situation on Sulufou Island is reported as calm,” Pogeava said.

It is alleged that on the afternoon of Monday an argument broke out between supporters of two election candidates in the Baegu/ Asifola Constituency.

It is further alleged that during the argument the deceased swam across to Oema from Sulufou artificial island when he drowned. 

He was rescued by divers and taken to Gounatolo clinic but he was pronounced dead by medical authorities at the Clinic. 

“I would like to call on community and church leaders and members of the community to work together to keep the peace. 

“I call on relatives and members of the family of the deceased not to take the law into your own hands whilst we are awaiting the outcome of the investigation. Leaders from both villages must engage with your people to refrain from such arguments but find ways to resolve disagreements through dialogue,” said ACP Pogeava.

He added RSIPF strongly calls on all citizens to respect each other. 

“Respect the outcome of the election and let us all work together with our newly elected leaders for the development of our country.”

AC Pogeava also thanked the relatives and members of the community for their understanding during the cause of the police inquiriess into the incident.


- Police Media



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