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New MP meets constituents

11 April 2019
Jamie Vokia speaking to constituents [Photo: Bryan Luvena]

HUNDREDS of North East Guadalcanal constituents gathered at the Ruavatu Catholic Parish in North East Guadalcanal to meet their newly elected Member of Parliament(MP) Jamie Vokia on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking to all the constituents Mr Vokia thanked and assured the people that under his leadership no one will be left out as everyone will be under his umbrella. 

“I thank you my good people of all the nineteen polling stations in North East Guadalcanal  for your decision to go for change and choose change during the polls on 3rd April. 

“I wish to assure you that no one will be left out as I will now represent everyone.

“I also wish to thank the supporters of other candidates that demonstrated their democratic rights in voting their own candidates and now I’m your new leader and will make sure tangible developments to benefit everyone will be done in my leadership,” said Mr. Vokia.

Mr Vokia said that education is one of the key priorities and so he assured parents they will work to address issues of school fees.

 Mr. Vokia highlighted that his hundred days plan begins next Monday 15th April and one of his major priorities is the construction of bridges down the Tasiboko road.

“My hundred days plan starts 15th April and it is one of my major priorities to fix the four bridges along the Tasiboko road,” said Vokia.

Mr. Vokia denied claims made by people that he was hospitalized.

“Claims that I was hospitalized are false as you can see now I’m in good health,” he said.

He also denied claims of bribery and said he welcomes any petition. “If they have sufficient evidences bring it because I know my campaign was clean and clear,” said Mr. Vokia.   

Currently three positions are available within the North East Guadalcanal constituency office. These are for the two constituency development officers’ post and an accounts post.

Interested people can apply for the positions, he said.

Speaking on behalf of the Geza community on Ray Thogho thanked the people of Tasiboko for believing in Mr Vokia.

‘’I want to thank our brothers from Tasiboko for your support being rendered to Jamie and now the cries and prayers of the Paripao people to lead the constituency have been answered,” said Mr. Thogho.

Rose Tala a woman representative from Tasiboko ward congratulated Jamie and thanked the Paripao people for believing in them as they have working together during the election period.

“Congratulations Jamie now you have proved the support rendered to you by the Tasiboko people and we want that working together to continue so that we will make a difference in terms of development in our constituency in the next four years,” said Mrs Tala.   

Mr Vokia unseated Dr Derek Sikua, 1,835 to 1629 votes, during last week’s election in one of the biggest election upsets.






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