11 April 2019
Peter Boyers

Party president says they 
are not in any hotel camp



KADERE Party is not camping in any hotel at the moment, its president Peter Boyers says.

And he said about half of the newly elected MPs are still in their home constituencies.

Asked about the possibility of his party leading the next government, Boyers who is not an MP said:

“We have names of elected MPs on our list but they are not here yet to sign because they are still in the provinces.”

Boyers added MPs who contested as independents but use the policies of Kadere in their campaign are welcomed to join the party.

Officially, eight Kadere Party members secured seats in the April 3 elections.

With this number they have been tipped to lead the next government.

Earlier, the party said they have candidates contesting the election as “affiliated” Kadere Party members.

“These affiliates are not registered Kadere members but they attended the launch of our party prior to the elections,” Boyers explained.

“Our members and affiliates are expected in Honiara this week,” he added.

Parliament has already sent out messages on the national broadcaster requesting all newly elected MPs to start making their way to Honiara.

Boyers has admitted that lobbying and the number game is now at play but says Kadere believes in people who are genuine and with the right intention to form the next government.

“In fact Kadere is open for any MP to join and free to dialogue with any political groupings that may want to collude with us.

“The constitution supersedes any law that governs political parties therefore it does not necessary mean the position of the PM must only be held by members of the largest party in parliament.

“So I welcome independent candidates to join Kadere and also wish to open up our doors for any political parties that wish to partner with us.”

It’s understood Kadere and Manasseh Sogavare’s newly registered Our Party are in talks.

Already a grand coalition group has set up camp at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara.

This faction is made up of Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP), United Democratic Party (UDP), People’s Alliance Party (PAP), Solomon Islands People’s First Party (SIPFP), Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and Solomon Islands United Party (UP).