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Sogavare calls for respect

17 April 2019

THE Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) candidate for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called on leaders and people of this nation to respect the democratic process in the election of the prime minister.

The 50 MPs will convene on April 24 to elect a new prime minister.

“I call on leaders and good-loving citizens of this nation to approach the process with maturity and dignity,” Sogavare said yesterday.

“Do not listen to leaders, groups or individuals that have an agenda to incite social disharmony,” he added.

“This is the last thing this nation needs at this time.”

The East Choiseul MP said the country and her people do not deserve to ever tread this path again.

“There are a few leaders and individuals that have selfish agendas to try and incite disunity amongst our people.

“There are negative perceptions orchestrated by few individuals with self-interests with no respect for the democratic process and the unity amongst our people,” he said.

Sogavare said pure propaganda and lies should not be allowed to cloud people’s continuous good intentions for a peaceful election process.

He said the fact that an absolute majority of more than 30 MPs have supported his candidacy shows that the people, throughout the nation, have spoken through their elected leaders.

“Any elected government comes 24th April is for the people and for their interest,” he said.