DCGA HITS BACK - Solomon Star News


18 April 2019
28 of the 34 MPs during a photo shoot on Wednesday. Some came in late for the shoot.

THE four allied political parties to that forms the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) have denied allegations they were backed up by loggers.

In a press conference on Wednesday Our Party leader and top candidate for the Prime Minister’s post Manasseh Sogavare rubbished such allegation and accusation.

The accusation that the grand coalition was backed up by loggers was made by the leader of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) Mathew Wale who led another group to form the new government.

“The driving force behind this group to stick together is because this group is the core of the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) and thing else.

“And that is a greatest incentive for this group because we have work in progress from the last government.

“Of course we have little fundraising here and there but because it was allowed under the Political Party Integrity Act (PPIA),” Sogavare clarified.

He said he would love to see those huge amounts of money but they totally denied such serious allegation levelled against them.

The leader of Kadere Party John Maneniaru on the same note said he just cannot believe how this allegation came about.

“I have been part of the group since day one but am not aware or even came across anything that goes in line with such wild allegation.

“But what the public needs to know about Kadere Party is we’ve been part of the coalition for the last four years.

“Let me make it clear to the people of this nation that Kadere Party for the last four years have provided the much needed stability this country needs in any government to govern this country,” Maneniaru said.

He further added that this is the only reason that Kadere Party will continue to be part of this DCGA group.

Meanwhile, both Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and Solomon Islands People’s First Party (SIPFP) wing leaders denied the allegation.

“We decided to part of this coalition because we see that there are elements of stability and DAP has been part of SIDCCG in the 10th parliament.

“We do have unfinished business in terms of the programs and reforms the last government undertake which we see it’s very important for us to continue with these programs,” DAP wing leader Jeremiah Manele said yesterday.

He added there is a need to build on the achievements that have been achieved over the last four years.

“So we believe that when there is stability there is also continuity,” he said.

Manele condemned such allegation and confirmed that they were not bribed in any way to join this new coalition.