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Visiting artists here on research

19 April 2019

A team of Artists and Biologists from Europe, America, Africa and Australia are visiting the country as part of their research.

On Monday they participated at an art exhibition held at Art Gallery along with other Solomon Islanders artist.

The visiting artists varied from painting, filming to craft and photographers.

During their presentation they shared concepts and ideas about art and the struggles they have faced as an artists in the art industries.

Local artist Richard Dan Birimauri shared his struggled as an artist in the Solomon Islands. He said lack of proper facilities being provided for them to promote their work remains a challenge.

One of the visiting artists Ms. Francesco said that Solomon Islands are talented and creative in their own style of art that showed their connection with the traditional times that showed how important it is to the people of Solomon Islands.

“In situations like this artists from every province should come together and form an association to have a voice, just like them in Europe,” she said.

The team expressed they enjoyed the warm welcome gestures through the performance of songs and dance during their visit.

The team will be visiting Russell Island and the Western Province as part of their travel. Some of them have visited the country in the past and are excited to be back.