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Heavy rain flooded Gizo

19 April 2019
One of the Chinese shops affected by the heavy rain that caused the floods.

HEAVY rain on Tuesday has caused flooding to many low lying areas of Gizo township, Western Province.

The heavy down pour has caught the township off guard due to its poor drainage system. This had resulted in mud water flooding some of the shops, Church compounds, accommodation, private homes and offices in the heart of Gizo.

The heavy rain has affected many market vendors and business owners during that day.

Gizo community high school ceased classes on Wednesday after rising water flooded the school compound.

As a result teachers’ home and classrooms were also flooded.

Concern residents said lack of proper drainage and roads in Gizo has contributed to the unfortunate incident.

Following the rain many rubbish and debris were left lying along the road and drainage.

Meanwhile, Gizo Town Council confirmed that there is still a development plan for the design of proper drainage around the Gizo town.