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MMF halts planned meeting

19 April 2019
President of MMF Martin Housanau.

THE Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has put on hold the proposed public meeting to discuss the issues surrounding the lending of loans and payment by the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF).

Speaking to the Solomon Star, President of MMF Martin Housanau said they have decide to halt the propose meeting to discuss NPF, on questions raised to them but were poorly answered by the management.

He said the reasons for halting the meeting are understandable because the nation has gone to the poll early this month and had not voted their Prime Minister yet.

Thus, he said after the election of the Prime Minister (PM), MMF will relook at the NPF issues and set a date for meeting with members of the fund.

“We cannot proceed with any meeting regarding the issue of NPF because this will disturb the preparation and processes to elect a new Prime Minister for the country,” says Housanau.

He added the country currently anticipating the election of the new PM so MMF cannot proceed with the meeting to disturb the current political lobbying towards 24th Wednesday, next week.

He said MMF will wait for the new PM and new government to go into office before they will call for a public meeting with members of NPF to discuss and scrutinize the alleged mismanagement of funds by the SINPF management.

Further,he said the issue of NPF is very important for the country and the citizens because this is the only fund that save money for the hardworking Solomon Islanders and cannot be allowed to defraud by few individuals.

The MMF president was making clarification to curiosity from the public regarding their earlier call to hold a meeting with members of the fund to discuss the alleged misuse of funds by NPF board and the senior management.