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RSIPF appeals for calm

25 April 2019
A male suspect being arrested by the police.

The Royal Solomon Islands Force (RSIPF) has called on all citizens of Solomon Islands especially those in Honiara to remain calm and refrain from taking any illegal action following the election of the Prime Minister.

The statement came after angry mobs protested through the streets of Honiara damaging properties and vehicles. Most of them even attempted to loot Chinatown.

In the statement the Police urged members of the public to back to their homes.

If you do not have any urgent business in the centre of Honiara City. Consider the messages below as responsible citizens of our beloved country Solomon Islands, the statement said.

·       Accept the announcement of the Prime Minister with a good heart.

·       Show respect for one another which has always been a part of our traditional culture.

·       Do not allow any disagreements about the outcomes of the election of the Prime Minister to cause divisions amongst us.

·       Let’s work together for a safer Hapi Isles.

·       It is important you control your emotions.

·       Do not become involved in any unlawful protests.

·       Keep yourself safe.

·       Work together as a united Solomon Islands.

Allow the National Parliament of Solomon Islands and the Courts of our nation to deal with whatever situation that is before our country.

The RSIPF also calls on all chiefs, community church, women and youth leaders to talk with your members not to take part in any illegal activities including marches, stone throwing and threatening the lives of our City.

RSIPF said it will continue to conduct high visibility patrols throughout Honiara day and night to make sure those planning to disturb the peace that continues to dominate our communities to have any chance of carrying out their criminal activities.

- Police Media