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No buildings on fire, police probe looting 

26 April 2019

Police are currently carrying out a forensic examination on damages and looting done to the Pacific Casino Hotel and other shops and buildings during Wednesday’s upheaval.

A group of angry people on Wednesday took to the streets shortly after the announcement of the prime minister, causing disturbances, fighting and damaging properties.

“Pacific Casino has been severely damaged,” Mr Varley said at his conference on Thursday.

He said forensic team from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) were out there on Wednesday night conducting forensic examinations of those crime scenes.

Mr Varley also added that further forensic examination on other shops and buildings are also carried out yesterday.

A number of vehicles parked in front of the hotel were also damaged.

The police chief also denied any reports of buildings on fire as speculated.

“It is also important to note that there were reports of a number of buildings on fire and police say this point in time that appears to be unsubstantiated.”

He said people who tried to start fires or roadblocks or other things were quickly brought under control by police.

Mr Varley further added that those fires were taken care of by fire units.

He said at this stage, there were no reports of any serious damage to property as result of fire.