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Riot probe continues

07 May 2019

Police investigation into the case of 13 of the 55 men who have been earlier charged for causing disturbances in Honiara after the election of prime minister in April continues.

Police Prosecutor Lyndon Adifaka confirmed this yesterday when the matter was brought before Chief Magistrate Emma Garo, Monday.

The court is requesting the medical reports of those accused who were said to be injured during the disturbances on April 24.

The Public Solicitor’s Office was also directed to assist the accused.

A lawyer from the PSO informed the court yesterday that they have so far attended to only two accused.

Ms Garo also ordered prosecution to provide disclosures to the defence counsel.

The 13 accused are jointly charged with rioting.

They are due in court again on May 20.

Prosecution alleged they were part of a small group of people who caused disturbances in Honiara shortly after the election of the prime minister on April 24.

 After the election of the prime minister on April 24, a small group of people in Honiara took to the streets to cause violence.

 The group threw rocks, looted shops including the Pacific Casino Hotel, damaged vehicles and some buildings and mounted road blocks.

 A number of Police Officers, Correctional Service officers and civilians were injured during the various clashes in Honiara at that time.

Bobby Harunari of PSO appeared in court on Monday.