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Wife-to-be escapes

08 May 2019
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AN elderly South Malaita man has expressed disappointment after what supposed to be a marriage turned up to be a hoax.

The man who wanted his name withheld said he has already spent more than $3,000 on Catherine Sekani , a widow of Vunuha Village on small Ngella via an arrangement to marry her.

He said that their relationship started after Christmas and in April, two of his brothers collected the bride price of one shell money from him in exchange for the woman.

He added that on several occasions he bought bags of rice and other foods items and sent them to the woman’s family on Ngella in the Central Islands ‘province.

The man said that he had spent more than three thousands and knowing that she was a widow with three kids, her two brothers charged him a bride prize of one shell money.

He said the agreement was made but later the woman tricked him and escaped.

He added that they have planned to spend the Easter break at her home village on Ngella but the women did not show up at Yacht Club on the appointed day of travel so he went back to Panatina where he live.

“I later heard from her close relatives that she is well-known for conning men to sustain herself and her three children,” the man said.

He said he had made many phone calls ever since but there was no reply from her.

He believes the woman is living with his relatives somewhere in town but could not locate exactly where she lives.

“When I inquire with her brothers for the refund of my money, I was told to file a case against her with the police,” he said.

He said that women should not prey on such a vulnerable person like him to support her children.