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Sikua refuses to release machines

13 May 2019
Dr Derek Sikua

FORMER Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal (NEG) constituency Dr Derek Sikua has turned down a request by constituents to use road work machineries funded under the Rural Constituency Development Funds (RCDF).

Jonathan Tutu from NEG constituency told Solomon Star that they approached their former leader and requested the use of the machines to carry out maintenance works on the roads and bridges in Tasimboko.

Since the machineries are constituency properties, the new MP elect Jamie Vokia told us to continue with maintenance using the machines.

“We respectfully approached Dr Sikua and met with him outside his home at Foxwood and asked him if we could use the machines but he turned down our request,” Tutu said.

He further added that Dr Sikua told them that the machines are no longer under constituency powers.

“When the machines were bought, he declared that they were constituency assets for road and bridge construction and maintenance,” Tutu said.

The machineries were bought from the controversial shipping and transport grants administered by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development during Dr Sikua’s tenure in office.

The grant was used by MPs to purchase ships or machines for construction of new and maintenance of existing roads and bridges.

Tutu told this paper that the action displayed by their Dr Sikua diminished his status as a leader in the North East Guadalcanal Constituency.

“These machines are owned by the Constituency and as a leader, he should allow us to use them for the benefit of the people and the constituency as a whole,” Tutu said.

Meanwhile, MP elect Jamie Vokia confirmed that he is aware of the situation.

An attempt to get comments from Dr Sikua to ascertain why he refused to release the machines to his constituents proved futile yesterday.

But comments are being sought from him.