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Wale outlines challenges for DCGA

16 May 2019
Matthew Wale

MEMBER of Parliament for Aoke/Langalanga Mathew Wale has highlighted some of the issues that need urgent attention from the new government in their yet to complete policy statement.

During his congratulation remarks on the floor of parliament on Wednesday, Mr Wale said the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) must pay serious attention to the deficiencies in the Electoral Act and work towards addressing them.

“The question of reform of the election systems is still a relevant conversation.

“There is a need for reform of the process for the election of the Prime Minister as it is now apparent that the election of the PM is a mirror of what happened in the national general elections,” Wale said.

He further added that Solomon Island is facing a number of major challenges such as in health, education, national security, governance, and the economy amongst others.

“It is in the face of this challenges that we share the common desire to see government succeed and it is in the interest of Solomon Islands that government succeed,” he added.

Mr Wale said they look forward to the government articulating its policy direction for the next four years.

“Government must give hope to Solomon Islanders that the future will be filled with opportunities and jobs.

“Jobs that pay a reasonable income and opportunities that are sustainable within an economy where the cost of living is affordable for ordinary Solomon Islanders,” Wale said.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Aoke/Langa Langa said it is a waste of time for the government to continue merely repeating the policies that have failed.

Wale further said that it is important that government learn from these experiences.

“We encourage the government to be ambitious for Solomon Islands,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wale advised the Ministers to take an active interest in their ministries.

“Turn up to work in your offices on time and provide the leadership required.

“The people of this country rightly have very high expectations of their government and minsters to perform,” he added.

 Wale said it is incumbent on Ministers to do the best they can in serving as leaders of the various ministries.

Wale is one the 48 MPs that took their Oath of Allegiance in the parliament today.

The other 2 MPs were absent yesterday.