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Unlicensed driver fined

16 May 2019
A police traffic officer conducting traffic checks along the Hinode highway. Police caught a lot of drivers driving without a license.

A man who confesses to drink driving and driving without a valid driver’s license has been fined a total of $3,500 this week in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

Tender Poloso was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to one count of presence of alcohol in a person’s blood and driving without license.

Magistrate Zazariko Vagibule imposed a fine of $2,500 for the first count and $1,000 for the second count.

She gave Poloso until June 3 to pay up the fine.

Failure to pay up the fine will result in a six month imprisonment term.

The Kukum Traffic police were conducting a Random Breath Test (RBT) on 19 April 2019 opposite the Central Police Station when they caught Poloso without a valid driver’s license.

They also carried out a breath test on Poloso which resulted in a reading of 0.096 percent.

A reading of .05 percent or above will get you arrested and charged by the police.

Poloso apologised to the court for breaking the law.

The maximum penalty for the presence of alcohol is a fine of $10,000 or an imprisonment of six months or both.

Poloso represented himself in court while Police Prosecutor Jessie Waifo appeared for the Crown.