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Call to combat kwaso brewing

16 May 2019
Bottles of homebrew (kwaso) confiscated by the police.

Leaders should act together and put an end to kwaso (home-brew) brewing nationwide so as to avoid kwaso related problems in the country.

Timothy Beliga of West Kwara'ae in Malaita Province made the call through Solomon Star Auki saying that kwaso is the culprit responsible for most of the domestic problems in the rural communities today.

He said as long as Kwaso is present in the rural Solomon Islands, domestic violence and common social disorder will still be experienced in the communities.

He said women and children are the most vulnerable and are suffering from domestic problems caused by Kwaso consumption.

With that, he commended Auki police for a series of kwaso raids in Auki two weeks ago where he encourages the public to continue to work together with police to ensure all the kwaso brewing centers in Malaita Province close down for good.

In Auki