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DPP to retire after 28 years with office

29 May 2019
Mr Talasasa (Centre front row) with the Deputy DPP of the Northern Territory, Australia along with his prosecutors and staff of ODPP.


THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Ronald Bei Talasasa is now ready to hand over the baton after serving the office for almost 29 years.

The flamboyant and hardworking director told this paper that after almost 13 years as DPP, he now decides to hand the baton over.

“I have served as a prosecutor all my professional life,” Mr Talasasa said.

“Let me move on. 

“Let me call it a day. 

“There are others who can fill in my shoes, identify them and give them the opportunity to serve,” he said.

Mr Talasasa was appointed DPP in July 2006.

He would have served as DPP for 13 years by July of this year.

But altogether Mr Talasasa has served in the office of the DPP for 29 years and 6 months.

“However one year was spent on work attachment at the Public Prosecutor's office in Port Moresby, so effectively in Solomon Islands would have been 28 years and 6 months,” Mr Talasasa added.

He said the highlight of his career was in 2009, when he was recognized by the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) for his bravery during the tension era in keeping the office of the DPP remaining open and for persecuting without fear or favour. 

The IAP presented him with a special award for bravery at the IAP annual conference at Kiev, Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

“I always believe that prosecutions is not for the faint hearted. 

“It is for the strong and the brave. 

“And to be able to do this number of years is a huge achievement.

“I have never regretted responding to this call,” she said. 

It has been an onerous call though I thank my parents, my brothers and sisters together with my wife, children and grandchildren for their support during my term in office.

“I do not forget the churches that offer continual prayer support,” he said.

He added that the Government of Solomon Islands including the Ministries of Justice and Public Service, DFAT together with his staff and the RAMSI Law and Justice Program, now SRF, are highly commended for being the difference.

Mr Talasasa does not sought an extension even though that was available to him under section 129 (2), of the Constitution.

His last day with the ODPP is on June 5, which is also the day, he turns 55.


Mr Talasasa (Centre front row with long beard) with the Deputy DPP of Northern Territory, Australia along with his prosecutors and staff of ODPP.