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Sogavare congratulates RSIPF

04 June 2019
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare delivering his speech. [Photo: Ian Kaukui]

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIPF) yesterday has received congratulatory remarks from both the Solomon Islands and Australian Prime Ministers.

In his speech on Monday at Rove parade ground, Mr Sogavare conveyed to the officers on behalf of the people of this country an appreciation for their great work.

“To the men and women of the RSIPF and the Correctional Services, I convey to you all your country’s and your people’s debt of gratitude for your steadfastness to duty, your sacrifices to you country and to your families for their support to you so that you can perform your duties to our country,” he said.

He said as the Prime Minister, the steadfastness, diligence and commitment by the disciplined forces have make his government and the country as a whole proud especially as it shows the nation is mature and its police force.

He then also thanked the Police Commissioner Mathew Varley for that leadership and push he has on the force to maintain the required duty.

“Leading these operations from the front, Commissioner Varley, I pay tribute to your outstanding leadership and commitment to this nation over the past two and a half years and also thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

“I also thank the Australian Federal Police Commander John Tanti and his advisors for your daily support to the RSIPF,” he added.

He told PM Morrison the RSIPF has grown into one of the largest government organisations in Solomon Islands.

He added the RSIPF has around 70 new police recruits, who will shortly add to the full-time staffing commitment of over 1600 police officers.

“With Australia’s support, my Government is committed to ensuring the RSIPF keeps growing into a well-resourced and well-trained force,” he said.

“Prime Minister Morrison, you have witnessed today some of the fruits of success emanating from your country’s investments to my country in enhancing our national security,” he added.

Sogavare told Morrison when lawlessness erupted on the streets of Honiara on April 24th, following his election as the Prime Minister the RSIPF was the only shining beacon of hope and stability.