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Morrison: ‘Pacific Step up’ is like bringing stronger a family

04 June 2019
The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers his speech during a luncheon held at the Solomon Kitano Mendana hotel. . [Photo: Ian Kaukui]

THE Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison says the purpose of his visit to Solomon Islands is part of the ‘Pacific Step Up’ program with the Pacific islands nation.

Mr Morrison in his speech on Monday at Mendana Hotel said but in order to step up, one has to show up which he has just done it.

“But showing up is not new to Australia because we have been showing up for Solomon Islands for a long time,” he said.

He said the laying of wreaths yesterday at the memorial park shows a great sign of how humble Australia was in showing up to ensure Solomon Islands is a peaceful, independent, sovereign,  stronger and a sustainable country on its own. 

Mr Morrison said the pacific step up program is all about supporting each other like a family despite whatever challenges faced.

“Family is the most important way to describe what pacific step up is all about.

“It is more than just development assistance, it is more than just an economic cooperation and it is more than RAMSI,” he said.

He said it is a deep and abiding protection and connection where if we don’t merge and sustain it, or don’t commit to it, then we can also lose some of the benefits we should have achieved,” he said.

He then reflected on what his dad said about foreign relationship has transactions.

“I think it is in great danger in transaction approach to move relations around the world because we will lose context,” he said.

 “It is important to look beyond transactions because our relationship is a product of what we share and value and what we do together,” PM Morrison said.