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Clamp down on foreigners

11 June 2019
Minister for Commerce and Labour, Clezy Rore.

THE new Minister for Commerce and Labour will pin down the influx of foreigners coming in the country and continue to engage in business activities reserved for the indigenous Solomon Islanders.

Clezy Rore told the parliament in his debate when contributing to the Sine Die motion that was moved by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare last week.

He said that as part of the 100 days work plan launched by the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) there are issues that needs to be addressed in the commerce ministry.

“I must admit that there is plenty to achieve within the given period.

“But can assure the house and the nation that my Ministry will strive to address some of the pressing issues that are of much concern to all of us,” Rore said.

He further affirmed that one of the pressing issues is the influx of foreigners entering the country to operate retailing businesses.

“For the benefit of the general public retailing business will be on reserved list except wholesaling unless we can prove locals potential to tap this area.

“The reserve business will be reviewed and enforced,” Mr Rore confirmed on the floor of parliament.

He further added that to counter the influx of foreign nationals his Ministry will stop the visa application to those whose primary job can be taken on by locals.

“We need to create various opportunities for our local workforce,” Rore said.

He added that his Ministry will also support manufacturing industries to allow work opportunities must be readily available for our local people.

Mr Rore said he will make sure that various Acts concerning his ministries will be reviewed and patched the loopholes that opportunists use to advance their illegal activities.