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Sogavare: we are transparent in political interest

11 June 2019

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says his government would not hide any secret but is open and transparent in the different political grouping interest.

Sogavare made the statement during a recent press conference when asked for his statement regarding rumours that some Members of Parliament would like to switch ties to China.

He said his government is made up of four (4) political parties Solomon Islands and those parties have their own views that the government would have to consider.

“So in the 100 day-program as an example, we have come out very clear as well as in the full policy document,” he said.

“When it comes to diplomatic relations we are a sovereign nation and this is where as a government, it must be persuade in the best interest of the country and its population, because at the end of the day it’s about our people and our country,” he added.

However, in doing that Sogavare said the country must not forget its close neighbours as it is much bigger that the issues in Solomon Islands when it comes to relationships.

“When it comes to our relationship with the main land China, of course USA will also have interest and we know US have also raise concern on these things,” he said.

He said the government have already taken those things into accounts and has set down very clear the full analysis in the 100 days policy it.

“Assessment will be done and not one stone will be left un-turned because we will look at every aspect,” he said.

 He said but Solomon Islands is a small nation but also concern with the bigger players in the global scene and will learn a lot form them.

“So we will have to properly analyse and asses it to the satisfaction of everybody in the political arena and people of this country,” he said.