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‘Climate change affects Vatud people too’

11 June 2019
Vatud Constituency MP Freda Tuki.

WITH the continuous rise on the effects of climate change in the Solomon Islands, Vatud Constituency MP Freda Tuki is calling for more attention from the government and responsible authorities.

The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children & Family Affairs Minister stated this in Parliament, during last week’s Sine Die Motion.

“This is a very big concern for us.

“It is an issue of great concern for me as a leader of my constituency, Temotu Vatud.

“The effects of climate change and sea level rise on our islands is a concern,” said Ms Tuki.

She added that the islands of Tikopia, Anuta, Duff, Lord Howe and Sikaiana are badly affected with one quarter of islands beginning to be covered by sea.

“The threat of sea level rise is real. It has threatened our clean, safe water and food security.”

She added, responsible authorities should put more focus and their attention into this life threatening issue.

“I want to a make a strong call to responsible government ministries and agencies, sectors, donors and stakeholders to please pay more attention to our small islands.

“Help us find ways on how we reclaim our sunken lands and maintain the only one we have left or other means for relocation,” Tuki strongly urged.

- VATUD Media