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Police urged to crack down on ‘Neiko juice’

13 June 2019

POLICE in Western Province are urged to investigate the widespread production of an illegal homebrew locally known as “Neiko Juice”.

This illegal drink is reported to be widely produced at Niumada area, west of provincial capital Gizo.

A father at a neighbouring community, who requested not to be named, told the Solomon Star the death of a form 2 student at Gizo Community High School last week was related to this illegal drink.

“The boy died after he and his friends drink Neiko Juice,” the father said.

It’s not clear whether the death was a direct result of the product.

The father calls on chiefs, church and community leaders to help police clamp down on the production of the home-brew.

“Those consuming this illegal drink are a nuisance to the community.

“They always caused disturbances – shouting and blasting their music in the thick of the night.

“A lot of teenagers are into this drink.

“Adults too, who cannot afford the price of the legal alcohol are resorting to Neiko Juice,” the father said.

Social media users from Western Province are calling on the police to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand.

A spokesman for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Gizo Police Station, Lesley Mule, said police were not informed of the widespread production of Neiko Juice at Niumada.

“We’ll definitely look into this,” Mule added.