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Tagini’s free education policy

13 June 2019
Makario Tagini

NEWLY elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Baegu/Asifola Makario Tagini says students attending all six schools in the constituency will soon have their school fees paid under a proposed free education scheme.

Mr Tagini over the weekend met with some of the school principals and head teachers to discuss the possibility of implementing his free education policy.

He explained this means the constituency will pay for the students' school fees for both primary and secondary divisions.

This free education policy will cover all the students studying in the six schools namely; Sulufoloa, Ususue, Lilifia, Garota, Binaulu and Gwounatolo.

“If things happen as planned the free education will start this year and is subject to review after two years,” he said.

The Baegu/Asifola MP said the purpose of the free education policy is to lift the burden of paying school fee from parents and to give children of BaeguAsifola the opportunity to pursue their education forward.

He said some children in the constituency could not afford to attend schools over  the years due to school fee burden.

“This free education policy is the answer to the struggling parents,” he said.

If this turns to reality then Mr. Tagini is the first Baegu/Asifola representative to prioritize free education for all six schools in the constituency.

Following the announcement, Baegu/Asifola people have welcomed the great news.

They want the schools to work together with the MP to implement the much needed free education policy soon. 

In Auki