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Peaceful election in Auki

13 June 2019
A woman casts her vote at Alota polling station.

WARD 1 in Aoke/Langalanga constituency has witnessed a peaceful polling day in Auki, Wednesday.

According to observation, seven polling stations in ward 1 have experienced a trouble-free day where registered voters came out freely to cast their votes for their favourite candidates.

A polling official despite the low turn up of voters compared to the National general election, voters who are living within the communities have turned up to exercise their right to vote at various polling stations in ward 1.

Information reaching this paper said that most voters who are residing in Honiara were unable to cast their votes.

Police and Correctional officers were also helping out in providing security at various polling stations in and around Auki.  

Returning Officer for Aoke/Langalanga constituency Simon Mani Junior expressed the turn up of voters at polling day as much more advance compared to past provincial elections.

He said most voters have realized the importance of electing the provincial leaders for the Malaita provincial government.

Based on his observation most voters turned up early yesterday to cast their votes.

Total of 12 candidates are contesting the ward 1 election.

Meanwhile, other wards in Malaita province also recorded similar experiences of a peaceful election day and good turn out of voters.

Counting is expected to start today at various location in Auki.

In Auki